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We take great pride in our commitment to providing a gluten-free friendly dining experience for our valued customers. Our dedication to accommodating gluten-free diets is evident in every aspect of our operations, starting with our specially prepared gluten-free bread. Imported par-baked and cooked in a separate oven to prevent cross-contamination, our gluten-free bread ensures a safe and delicious option for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

Our staff undergoes comprehensive training to ensure they understand the importance of maintaining a gluten-free environment. From frequently changing gloves to using a separate cutting board and knife specifically designated for gluten-free items, our team takes every precaution to prevent any potential contamination. We recognize the seriousness of celiac disease and are committed to providing a safe and sanitary dining experience for all our guests, ensuring that they can enjoy their meals with peace of mind.



Business Hours: 10-6pm 7 days a week
Free 15 min parking in the Wells Fargo lot next to Cranford Movie Theater