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Certified Gluten-Free Items

  • Two 6" Gluten Free Italian Breads
    Our Most popular bread. A full, fluffy roll to hold that steak sandwich or hero sub! Same dough as our italian baguette and dinner rolls-- in just the right size for your sandwich! Finally! Ingredients: Tapioca flour, rice flour, potato starch flour, olive oil, vegetable oil (soy/canola) egg whites, water, sugar, yeast, xanthan gum, dry milk, onion powder, salt.
  • Gluten Free Brownies
    Like a homemade treat --- only better! because you don't have to bake or clean up! They are so fudgy and rich you won't believe it! Ingredients: sugar, white rice flour, Tapioca, cocoa powder, eggs, salt, Vegetable oil (soya/olive), semi-sweet chocolate chips (evaporated cane juice, chocolate liquor, non-dairy cocoa butter)
  • Gluten Free Butter Cookies
    These are just like the gluten full bakery version. They come in a mix of sprinkled, filled with raspberry, dipped in chocolate or just plain and simple. Ingredients: Butter, cane sugar, egg, rice flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, sweet rice, baking powder, xanthan gum, salt, cream cheese, vanilla. Toppings: semi-sweet chocolate chips (sugar, chocolate, cocoa butter, milk fat, soy lecithin, vanillin, artificial flavoring, natural flavoring). Sprinkles: Sugar, cornstarch, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, soy lecithin, gun arabic, confectioners glaze, fd&c color red #3 (colors vary). Cherries: corn syrup, water, citric acid, FD&C red #40, benzoate soda, 1/10 of 1% potassium sorbet, sulfer dioxide.
  • Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
    You'd think you bought a homemade, old fashioned bake sale chocolate chip cookies. Tastes so fresh and filled with love. Sold as a single large cookie or a pack of 6. Ingredients: semi-sweet chocolate chips (sugar, chocolate, cocoa butter, milk fat, soy lecithin, vanillin, artificial flavoring, natural flavoring), sugar, butter, sorghum flour, egg, rice flour, potato starch flour, tapioca flour, baking soda, salt, xanthan gum.
  • Gluten Free Raspberry Bars
    Ingredients: Seedless Raspberry Jam (sugar, raspberries, glucose, pectin, sodium benzoate (preservative)), butter flavor Crisco (soybean oil, fully hydrogenated palm and soybean oils, mono and diglycerides, natural and artificial flavor, TBHQ and citric acid, beta carotene), palm oil, walnuts, rice flour, xanthin gum, sorghum flour, potato starch flour, tapioca flour, sugar, egg, salt, vanilla and baking powder. Allergens: Walnuts, eggs, soy
  • Gluten Free Crumb Coffee Cake
    Just the thing to start the morning. Ingredients: Rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, sugar, sour cream (milk,agar,vitamin A palmitate, enzymes), eggs, palm oil, xanthin gum, vanilla, baking soda, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, butter.
  • Gluten Free Lemon Bars
    Tart, smooth, and just plain delicious! A refreshing treat anytime! Ingredients: sugar, butter, egg, rice flour, lemon juice, potato starch flour, tapioca starch, sorghum flour, lemon zest, lemon oil, baking powder, xanthan gum, salt.
  • Gluten Free Blondies
    A great mix between our popular chocolate chips cookies and our fantastically tasty, fudge brownie. Get a taste of both works through our blondies. This dessert never lets you down. Ingredients: semi sweet chocolate chips (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, dex-trose, soy lecithin, vanillin), sugar, palm oil, sorghum flour, eggs, rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, baking soda, salt, anthem gum, baking powder, water. Allergens: Eggs, Soy
  • Remember These Cupcakes??
    And remember this cupcake you will! A dessert right out of the 1950's. Chocolate cupcake, fluffy white filling, topped with a rich, decadent ganache. You really can't forget something this memorable! Ingredients: Cake: sugar, butter, rice flour, sorghum flour, tapioca flour, cultured buttermilk, cocoa, eggs, brown sugar, baking soda, vanilla, salt, xanthan gum, baking powder Filling: palm oil, confectionary sugar, vanilla, salt, water Ganache: semi-sweet chocolate (sugar, chocolate, cocoa butter, milk fat, soy lecithin, vanilla, artificial flavoring, natural flavoring) heavy cream. Decorations: confectioner's sugar, butter, palm oil, vanilla, sugar, red 40, red 3, yellow 5 yellow 6, blue 1 & 2)

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